Saturday, July 3, 2010

Miss Annie's Banana Puddin'

This is a recipe of my Great Grandmother Annie that I came across in one our Family Cookbooks.
 This is how it was written.

You will need a "snuff glass" for measuring !
Beat 3 yard egg, yolks in top of double boiler.
Add 2-1/2 cups milk & 1 cup sugar.
Fill a snuff glass half full of  flour.   Add water to make a paste.
Add water until snuff glass is 3/4 full.
Add a little milk mixture to flour mixture; then pour into milk mixture.
Add 1 tsp. vanilla.  Put over boiling water,high heat.  Add 2 tbsp. butter and cook until fairly thick.
Layer in bowl with vanilla wafers & sliced bananas. Top with meringue made with 3 egg whites and sugar. Brown meringue in oven.
(The above pic was found elsewhere)

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